The Chronicles of Herbert West #2

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Nov 2008 | Zenescope

Writing: Joe Brusha | Ralph Tedesco
Art: Axel Medellin Machain
Colour: Jason Embury
Letters: Bernie Lee

Herbert works at the same hospital as his girlfriend and rival bent on humiliating him at every turn and even steal his girlfriend, but Herbert snaps and Stein soon finds himself as the next test subject.

This book keeps getting more interesting. I’m amazed that Megan has stayed with him so long after witnessing such horrors and the lengths Herbert goes with his work obsession. She must really love him.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the next escaped mistake go rampaging through the streets tearing out throats. It’s very satisfying to see his progress and how it’s more terrible and terrifying than the last. This guy really took the death of his mother and sister very hard to be obsessing over this.

The story is holding up really well and shows no warning signs of possible crap out, so I’m going to happily keep going and see what happens.  


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