Eden’s Trail #3

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Mar 2003 | Marvel

Created By: Steve Uy
Art: Steve Uy
Writing: Chuck Austin
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos

While crossing the ravine to get to Selpher’s Cave, Tila and Latch run into the bandit that stole her necklace and fled. The encounter sends al three plummeting into the ravine. After a brief encounter with a giant monster, the two treasure hunters find themselves captives of the young Lady Yune and her robot servant.

This not getting better. This is getting worse. This has everything I hate about anime. The angry, bitchy female that gets rescued by the arrogantly tough male she hates but her feelings change after nearly dying. There’s the arbitrary idiot complete with the stupid awkward grin every time he makes a mistake. Finally, the most hated selfish, whiney lolita brat that always has to have things her way or she throws a hissy fit.

Tila. Tila. Tila. Have you forgotten that this is the guy that ruined your life and if it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t be searching for some treasure nearly getting killed?

And Latch. Seriously. So you blew up her bar. It’s not your fault she happened to have a bandit problem and not your fault that they had to go and be stupid and start something. I’d have been angry and I’d have done the same thing. You should have left her on her own. The girl has issues and you had to go and let her out of that safe. Ugh.

How did this go from an interesting, serious first issue to generic anime crap? More importantly, why? I’m so tired of this fluff and extremely disappointed.

The events don’t even flow well together. It feels like a rush job. Some short scenes could have been longer, while some long ones shortened, and others could have been cut entirely and filled with more interesting content. In fact, this entire series needs a serious makeover.


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