Super Human Resources #4

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May 2009 | Ape Entertainment

Story: Ken Marcus
Art: Justin Bleep
Colour: Antonio Campo
Letters: Jacque Nodell

SCI is shutting down and it’s the last week for it’s employees to finish up, pack their things, and lament about their uncertain futures.

During the process, Tim uncovers some files that sheds light on SCI’s financial troubles, but can the company be saved?

It took so long for me to get this issue. Stupid me and my online comic shipping schedule set to monthly instead of weekly.

This issue had the one thing I had hoped for since issue one—attacking office supplies. It finally happens and it’s perfectly hilarious– brilliant, even. I yelled out in joy when I saw the first shots fired with the copier sucking in Gordon.

I loved this book. Zombor’s interview with the Evil Alliance is a fond memory along with Throg’s Sunglass Hut doubts. Seeing all these characters trying to get their lives sorted, many feeling that void that comes when you have to say goodbye to the place and people you’ve worked with for so long, really brought back some familiar pangs of my past work experiences on the cubical farm. And despite that strange pall that comes over the entire building, that weird crazy stuff that always happens, still manages to happen. This book really captures it well. It’s so believable that if supers really existed, this is exactly what a company like SCI would be like without a doubt.

I’m saddened that this was the last issue of the story, but happy for the closure and consistent quality. I’m also reassured that there’s plans for more. Until then, the futures of Zombor, Tim, and the rest of the gang at SCI are at the mercy of my imagination.

This series deserves to be at the top of everyone’s reading list.


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