Mek #2

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Feb 2003 | Wildstorm

Writing: Warren Ellis
Art: Steve Rolston
Ink: Al Gordon
Colour: David Baron
Letters: Jenna Garcia

Sarissa learns how much Sky Road changed in her absence and learns some shocking information regarding RJ’s death.

It’s nice to see more interesting mek and get that flashback from Sarissa about how she started the Mek cultural movement at Sky Road along with the visit from the black market dealer for further perspective on the movement.

I enjoyed this issue. It wasn’t too exciting, though, being mostly talk about how things changed and a flashback. I’m still entranced with mek and the culture, so I really didn’t mind. This book has an awesome premise.

I’m really interested in seeing how Sarissa takes the shock and what she intends to do. With one remaining I’m afraid it might fizzle out or be too rushed. It’s a fear I always have with short series and one shots. I’m fairly confident I’ll be pleased.


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