Reading List May Week 4

It’s Sunday again and I’ve managed to survive another week. With the weather getting hot, and the pollen count rising, my eyes and nose have been giving me hell. While I’ve still kept up on my reading, I’ve found it very hard to actually form thoughts and opinions beyond a few sentences which accounts for the past couple days being bare.

I’ve also been distracted with King’s Bounty. I managed to get it running without crashing and it’s been addictive, though I’ve tended to leave my army on auto-battle while working on other things. I’m not too far into the game and only recently hit level 5.

What I’ve Been Liking

Only a couple additions to the list and nothing to take off. Mek would have made it to this list, but the last issue disappointed me at the last second.

Atomic Robo
Blue Monday Thieves Like Us
Demon Killer
Executive Assistant Iris
Global Frequency

Ignition City
Super Human Resources
Wind Raider, The
Zombie Tales
Zombies that Ate the World, The

Dropped Books

Ythaq – The Forsaken World

This Week’s List

For what it’s worth, this is what’s in my current pile on the coffee table. Funny how I still end up digging through a box or bookshelf.

100 Bullets – Split Second Chance TPB (#6-#14)
Air #4
Atomic Robo #2
Batman Brave and the Bold #3
Chronicles of Dr. Herbert West #3
Crossed #4
Dead Irons #2
Decoy #1
Eden’s Trail #4
Global Frequency #3
Gravel #1
Lillim #2
Ignition City #2
Mirror’s Edge #2
Muppet Show #2
Mutant Earth #1
Runaways #1
Shidima #0
Tarot #7
Wasteland #2
Wildcats #0
Wind Raider, The #1
Zombie Tales #3


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