Electropolis #1

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May 2001 | Image

By: Dean Motter
Colour: Chris Chuckry

The Infernal Machine Part One

Menlo Park is a robot private-eye who lost his owner and partner, Jacob Ladder, to a bogus suicide. After all these years have passe, Jacob’s ex shows up fearing for her life. Things get even more interesting for Menlo when his legitimate client is gunned down for reasons related to his partner’s last job.

I love this detective noir story and it’s 40’s style future. It’s very compelling and very well written. The subtle humor is also delightful. With names like Jacob Ladder and Miss Tess La Coyle, I thought for sure I’d end up hating this book for that, but somehow it still manages to pull itself off.

I also love Jacob’s exposition complete with the stutters, and sounds his robot self makes. It really adds to the experience.

I’m glad I found this issue. It was in a $1 box at my LCS filled with other uninteresting junk. I’ll certainly have to look for more.


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