Crossed #4

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Mar 2009 | Avatar

Story: Garth Ennis
Art: Jacen Burrows
Colour: Juanmar

The group still plans to head to Alaska and had to stop at a small town. The mood has sunken much deeper into gloom since the execution of those children, but they press onward and learn just how organized and human the crossed can be.

The crossed become even more terrifying as this series progresses. The notion that they are capable of more complex thought and organization is a pretty serious thing and gives me chills. It also brings me much joy as this opens itself to more disturbing violence which is my favorite part.

Gotta love Stump and Horsecock. The two really raise the bar on the horrible. I hope there’ll be more of them in the next issue, or at least equally wonderful replacements. They were darkly amusing.

Part of me still hopes to learn how this all started, but I wouldn’t want it to ruin the sheer awesomeness of this disaster. I don’t want anything to cheapen the experience.

That wonderful writing! I just love the exposition justifying the execution of those kids. It was beautiful. That scene in the last issue really struck a chord in me and made me think about the morality and how much it would have taken to do such a thing. It was really nice to see some of that addressed in this issue.

I wish it was finished and I had it all. I really want to just sit and devour it all. It’s such good stuff. One of the best survival horror series I’ve ever read.


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