Killapalooza #1

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Jul 2009 | Wildstorm

Lyrics: Adam Beechen
Music: Trevor Hairsine
Letters: Wes Abbott
Colour: Johnny Rench

Chapter 1: A-One-Two-Three-Four

The Claps are a band. They are also clones – clones with superpowers hired out on the black market as assassins. They’ve got one last gig to clear their debts and the job’s from the bad guys.

This is definitely among some of the weirdest things I’ve read. A rock band of clones assassins very touchy when it comes to band matters and that I’m surprised haven’t killed each other. I never would have imagined this coming.

I dig the art. It has a messy style that works well with the rocker theme. It was the cover and title that caused my impulse buy.

When it comes to story, I’m not sure where I stand. The characters are so chaotic and it was very difficult for me to identify them, especially during their first kill. I’d need to re-read it to really cement their identities in my mind. Aside from that, it was interesting enough. The concept behind it all actually works so far. I’m hoping to get a bit more back story, though. I’m really interested in this clone aspect and why they use a band as a cover.

As for the chaos, despite my confusion, I like how you’re just thrust into this book and get caught up in all the rock star chaos along with their other line of work. It really brings the rocker theme home.

The others bands they met in NYC were so typical. I could really see them existing in the real world and being as awful as The Clap say, though with band names like that and they way they dressed there’s no doubt they’re terrible. The way they interacted seemed so spot on and it was pretty funny at times

I’ve no idea if I’m going to continue with this. I don’t hate it. I’m just not sure if rock band cloned assassins are my cup of tea. I have plenty of time to decide before the next issue. Then we’ll see.

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