Bad Dog #1

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Feb 2009 | Image

Writing: Joe Kelly
Art: Diego Greco
Letters: Thomas Mauer
Cover: Diego Greco

Old Monster, New Tricks

Lou and Wendell are not your typical bounty hunters. Lou is a Werewolf who refuses to take a human form our of his disgust of people. Wendell is an ex-preacher with anger issues and a foul mouth. Together, the two of them try their best to catch criminals, though they’re far from good at it. Stuff, just happens. This time they’re after a pool cleaner having trouble with the IRS.

Wow! This is awesome! I didn’t think I’d get into it, but it grabbed me from the get go when Lou’s stolen car breaks down in the Arizona desert and he rants about how evil SUVs are. I also liked the scene at the bar where Wendell talks with that Navy veteran. There’s a lot of good comedy in this book and it does have it’s serious moments so perfectly executed, they don’t break up the humor or feel out-of-place.

The characters are well designed and thought out. I like how even though Lou is an ex-preacher, he still has a few religious bones in his body and it almost makes me wonder if God really cares. He is, technically a good guy trying to bring in the bad. So what if he likes his booze, swearing, and does a few questionable things at times? And Wendell seems to bear the most empathy between the two. Most notable are his reactions to the missing children on the backs of milk cartons and how he tries to talk his mark down towards the end, not being a heartless jerk like most typical bounty hunters.

I’m really impressed with the story, actually. There’s a lot going on besides the two of them trying to make a living. There’s some colourful back story we get small glimpses of, that provide a bit more light on our heroes lives. And there’s also the mater of how they seem to fail and how it seems like bad luck is just another freak accident.

Take all this stuff I like and combine it with Diego Greco’s wonderful art and it’s guaranteed a slot on my pull list. I really can’t wait to see where the story goes, particularly this eerie, sorrowful focus on milk cartons. I also hope to learn more about our two characters pasts and what other troubles they find themselves in.

This is well on it’s way to earning a top spot on my reading list.


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