Air #6

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Mar 2009 | Vertigo

Writing: G. Willow Wilson
Art: M.K. Perker
Colour: Chris Chuckry
Letters: Jared Fletcher

Over a drink, Amelia gives Blythe a history lesson about the hyperprax device found in some Aztec ruins in Mexico and the women’s 99 who were formed to train women hyperpract pilots. She also reveals the truth about her fateful flight that resulted in her supposed disappearance. Blythe also gets her first piloting lesson which ends in a very remarkable manner.

The Secret Life of Maps

At last! A history lesson about the hyperprax device! The setting and everything happens makes way more sense, now. Not that I had any real issues with it. It’s just nice to finally get these answers. I’ve waited a long time for these. This issue was very satisfying.

I liked Amelia’s story a lot. Everything about the device and her fit seamlessly into history making the fantasy more believable. The part about her and the edge of the world was equally believable as well as her not aging those 46 years. This is truly a masterly crafted modern fantasy.

I should probably also mention at his point, that I like things dealing with aviation. My father having been an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force, it’s of no surprise that I was exposed to such subjects and like him, I have built my own collection of model airplanes. So when this story comes a long introducing this new fantastical way of flight, of course I’m going to be interested. I’m just greatly overjoyed that it’s so masterfully crafted to make me suspend my disbelief.

We believe that a map—a symbol—is something we dream up to represent a real place, real people, real things.

That’s not true. The maps, the symbols, are dreaming us.

Blythe’s entire lesson on hyperprax piloting was equally enjoyable. It was as believable as Amelia’s history lesson and shows further just how valuable and dangerous the device could be. Blythe is clearly powerful, able to do things that are obviously outside the known scope of the device. I’m very excited to see how Blythe gets out of her current dilemma and see more of the Narimar mystery unraveled.


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  1. harryblack
    Jun 11, 2009 @ 23:00:05

    Fantastic Cover. Super Story.

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