Irredeemable #3

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Jun 2009 | Boom! Studios

Creation: Mark Waid
Writing: Mark Waid
Art: Peter Krause
Colour: Andrew Dalhouse
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Cover: Dan Panosian

The Plutonian is still having issues and the bad guys want to know if he’s on their side now and how they could use him. They find the secret hideout of Inferno and start snooping around. What they don’t expect, is The Plutonian.

Right off the bat I’m reminded why I love this comic so much. How delightfully disturbing that whole rape was. You really see how low Plutonian has gotten. Some classic behavioral issues there. I can’t wait to see more of them.

When The Plutonian talked with all those villains, I was almost fearful this comic would turn to crap. I could see the nose starting to tilt downward and the plane starting to teeter downward. And I was so delighted to be wrong when what followed happened.

This is everything I’ve ever wanted in a supers book. A good-guy turned bad for very valid reasons I can identify with and the results are far from family friendly. And it’s better off that way. This is something I’ve needed for a long time and hopefully the start of a trend. I want more books focused on villains doing unspeakable things. The only way the series will fail, is if the good guys win. Then I’m seriously going to have to go on a manhunt and beat a few people with rubber hoses.

Let me tell you the kind of world I live in.

It is a world of miserable, bitter, ungrateful paramecium who lash out at you in a state of perpetual rage for not solving their problems fast enough.

*Sigh.* I’m in love. I’m in love the words. I’m in love with The Plutonian. I’m in love with story. I’m in love with everything. This series has become an obsession. I need it like a junkie needs a fix. I just can’t function without more, or other books of equal caliber and artistry. And those are hard to come by. This is my top series this year with Crossed following close behind.

This is hands down one of the best supers comics I’ve ever read and likely will ever read.


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