Lillim #2

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Apr 2009 | Image

Writing: Shaun Lapacek | Ian Keiser
Art: Matrix
Letters: Rus Wooton

Loki’s staying with Brigit and wishes to spend this life simply by living it. Thanks to television, Loki’s English skills have improved and the two of them spend a lot of time with small talk with a break to enjoy some coupling. When Loki starts to tell Brigit things she should know about him, they’re interrupted by one of her male co-workers.

Wow. The art is such a lower quality in this issue. Very different from the previous. I’m actually wondering if I have some sort of bad printing since it looks generally smeared, but the text is crystal clear. Hrm. I’m going to have to check that out next time I visit the LCS. 

Relationships moved fast in this issue. Normally I’d think it was way too fast, but when you bring in issues of past lives, if the two of them were involved in a distant life, it makes sense to me that they’d hook up rather quickly, so I can write it off.

There hasn’t been any real indication of any antagonists. We mostly see those in his flashbacks. When Loki said all the gods were dead, I’m having trouble trying to figure out who his main adversaries will be. Even if the old gods do still exist, (there was that news story on the tellie… Odin perhaps?) I also have a hard time trying to visualize the conflict in the modern-day. I suppose we shall see as this series continues. Being only two issues into this short, five issue run, I do have strong concerns about this.

In any case, I enjoyed this issue. I’m really hoping to see the plot solidify and some real conflict.


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