Dead Irons #2

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2009 | Dynamite

Writing: James Kuhoric
Art: Jason Shawn Alexander
Character Design: Jae Lee
Letters: Simon Bowland

Silas hunts down his siblings to town of living dead they created. His father also sacrificed a man to bring back his wife.

I really like the writing in this book. The confusion I had from the previous issue has subsided a lot, and I somehow missed the explanation of how they all ended up dead. I know it’s all their father’s fault, though.

I love how deranged the father is. I love all those flashbacks with him and his fanatical lectures. I can’t wait to see the final confrontation with him and I also can’t wait to see their mother in action.

I wasn’t too sure if I’d really get into this, since I had some trouble following the first issue. Since most of that’s cleared up, I got more enjoyment out of it. I can almost see the action played in my mind and I can hear their voices in my head. The next issue will probably be enough for me to fully commit if the quality of writing keeps up.


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