Electropolis #2

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Sep 2001 | Image

Writing: Dean Motter
Art: Dean Motter
Colour: Chris Chuckry

The Infernal Machine Part Two

Menlo and Anesta continue piecing together the mystery. While at a nightclub to catch a show of the Steppe Sisters, Tess LaCoyle is kidnapped.

It’s nice to get more back story on Menlo’s old partner, Jacob Ladder. I thought it was amusing he read dime novels on the job as a night guard. Shows his passion for mysteries.

I still love this style of art. This retro sci-fi noir is perfect. The mystery is well thought out and it really makes me want to listen to some old time radio broadcasts. This is really an inspiring tale and I can almost picture it in audio form- the drama in the actor’s voices, the sound-effects guy. That would have been an awesome experience.

I also loved seeing that Lost in Space style robot working at the news stand. That was a nice touch.

I’ve only one disappointment with this issue – the inconsistency of Menlo’s characteristic noises in his speech. The first half of the book, it’s non-existent and he’s talking like everyone else. Then all-of-a-sudden, it comes back and things are normal again.


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