Gravel #1

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Feb 2008 | Avatar

Story: Warren Ellis
Script: Warren Ellis | Mike Wolfer
Art: Raulo Caceres
Colour: Greg Waller
Cover: Raulo Caceres

Love From Deep Black Cold

Gravel hunts down his next target looking for a fragment of the Sigsand Manuscript and must face a horrible entity from the outer realm.

That creature was so wonderful, I’m speechless. The way Jerome fled and in fear started to suckle on of it’s teats and his obsession with it and the outer realm was also priceless. It was just the kind of disturbing I like with my violence and happily, this issue had more of that too.

I can’t comment much on the story. What was there was really good, but there hasn’t been any deep revelations or further insights into to why he’s so upset about the manuscript and killing people off, other than his place being taken. I do like, though, how quickly we’re moving along. Two issue down and two dead men and one dead… thing.

I’m curious what he plans to do when he has all the pieces of the manuscript and all his targets are killed. I’d also like to know who was on the phone. And I definitely want to see more horrible creatures and that violence.


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