Air #7

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May 2009 | Vertigo

Writing: G. Willow Wilson
Art: M. K. Perker
Colour: Chris Chuckry
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher
Cover: M. K. Perker

The Picture of Zayne Al Harani

After trying to use the device, Blythe finds herself in the body of a young Zayne.

After taking such a long break from this sight, I thought to catch up on a favorite, first. This was mostly satisfying, in a weird way. I’m still not quite sure about this body snatching thing, but it provided background info on Zayne which I’m glad to finally have. It’s really interesting how he and Blythe had met before her Clearfleet days.

As I keep saying, I really can’t wait to read more of this, and I’m extremely happy to have subscribed online and have them shipped to me. I really haven’t had much time to run out to my LCS.

I wonder what other weird things this device and Blythe can do. It’s so creative, and a wonderful idea, I still am blown away by it all. It’s so bizarre and well though out and I like the ancient Aztec spin we got previously. I really am intrigued and want to know more about this whole Quetzalcoatl thing that keeps cropping up.

Above all, I’m still happy the consistency of the writing, art, and development of the story is still holding up.  I have no worries of it tapering off or sinking into crap, just that it’ll be over too soon.


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