Killer of Demons #3

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May 2009 | Image

Writing: Christopher Yost
Art: Scott Wegener
Colour: Ronda Pattison
Letters: Thomas Mauer
Cover: Scott Wegener | Christina Strain

It’s the final act. Dave heads off to work to take care of his boss, but he’s in for another mental rape when Project Illusion is initiated and Dave struggles to keep his sanity when all the demons he has slain appear as normal humans.

Ah, Dave. Going postal again and butchering his co-workers. Could there be anything better? Oh, yes. Messing with his mind again and feeding the doubts about this whole demons on Earth thing. What I especially liked was Satan’s nonchalant way of dealing with it. When he showed Betty’s severed head and fed him that story, wonderful.

Betty here is getting married in two weeks—oh, I mean was. Because you killed her. Her fiancé is going to kill himself.

I also loved that after everything, he still had the resolve to continue his killings, but still had doubts about his sanity. It’s almost enough to make you wonder if that maybe, in some future issue, we might learn it really was all in his head.

Hopefully there will be more of this somewhere on the horizon, especially how it ended. I’d really like to see how that plays out. And hopefully, should the day come, I can enjoy more of Wegener’s wonderful art.


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