Scooby-Doo #144

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Jul 2009 | DC

Fangs, but no Fangs!
Writing: Sholly Fisch
Art: Vincent Deporter
Colour: Heroic Age
Letters: Sal Cipriano

Velma’s Monsters of the World: Aniwye
Writing: John Rozum
Art: Karen Matchette
Colour: Heroic Age
Letters: Sal Cipriano

Scooby’s Mini-Mysteries Brush With Danger
Writing: Sholly Fisch
Art: Vincent Deporter
Colour: Heroic Age
Letters: Sal Cipriano

Bat Belfry A Horror In One
Writing: Terrance Griep
Art: Vincent Deporter
Colour: Heroic Age
Letters: Sal Cipriano

The first story, Fangs, but no Fangs, the gang encounter the vampire count Hemoglobin. Can you find the clue that proves his fraud? I certainly did. This was more like a short puzzle strip, than a story, but that’s all right.

Velma’s Monsters of the World lesson for this issue is a creature I’ve never heard of. Aniwye, a giant, nocturnal skunk who hunted humans. I found it very interesting, especially how the potency of it’s spray is enough to kill those unfortunate enough to get hit by it. Did anyone ever make a monster movie about skunks, or a giant skunk? Sounds like good Saturday SyFy fodder.

The Ghost of the Duke of Earl is causing trouble for a museum in Brush With Danger. Another puzzle and I totally missed the clue this time, not even thinking to look closely, despite the first one in this book setting me up for it. And I didn’t get it when I looked back over the frames. When I read on, I felt a little foolish, but since my folks are big into those European Mysteries they show on television, I don’t feel so bad. They always figure things out, and I’m always shocked. Detective work certainly isn’t my gift.

A Horror In One, the cover story, was what I really wanted to read. I’m a big fan of mini golf, so the cover really sold it for me, and the thought of having a horror-themed mini-golf course seems really awesome to me. I’ve only ever played in courses that had the typical obstacles.

The ending really surprised me, because I had forgotten the beginning details and thought it would be more about trouble with the course, then at, so when the culprit was revealed, I had another dumb feeling.  The Golf Wolf was pretty funny, and I could see the action animated, as well as Scoob’s trick shot at the end. I really liked this story.

In this book there was also a Super Friends Super Stumped strip that I really enjoyed. I love puzzle, and these were visual representations of common phrases you have to guess. The first example they give you, was a stick of butter with wings – A butterfly. These were a fun break from Scoob.

I enjoyed this issue more than the last one I read. As I mentioned before, I love puzzles, so I was happy to exercise some brain matter, and I’m going to have to see if there are any horror themed mini golf courses anywhere and start planning a road trip. Until then, I’ll have to settle for one of the local courses and maybe some go-karting as well.


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