Ah, Comics!

Ah, comics! So many of them, and not enough time and pocket change to get them all. Thankfully, when I’ve forgotten, a TPB comes a long to reduce my stack of loot and give the illusion I’m not spending as much money.

I don’t get to hit my LCS (local comic shop) as often as I used to, so my stack tends to be quite impressive. But since I’ve convinced myself that it’s not only all for my entertainment, that it’s part of some thankless, nonpaying job, reviewing everything that I read for this blog, I’m more apt to keep going back.

I’ll admit I’m a little discouraged. Those of you that’ve been following me, you’ve seen the posts I used to do every week showing what I bought, and I’d usually tend to keep up fairly well. If I didn’t review my immediate purchases, I’d at least get close enough to holding the line. Things have slowed down quite a bit and I feel a bit guilty about it. I ended up with an overflowing plate of projects and life and it seems 24-hour days aren’t long enough, even taking out sleep time.

Really, it’s all a matter of me sorting out some sort of schedule to get things back on track. I regret, that a lot of my reviews are for now, old books and it might take me awhile to catch up with the current issues of what I’m reading. I’m sure some new stuff will get splattered in there, as there are some upcoming titles that really interest me.

I’ve also been thinking of other ways I can make this blog better. I decided to put together a simple forum where you lot can chit-chat amongst yourselves, and I can get more involved with my readers. I’ve been working on the theme and general sections to make it match this blog as close as possible. I’m using my twitter background as the backdrop At any rate, the link to the forum is here.The plastic surgery isn’t complete and it’s mostly just a skeleton, but it’ll be easy to make changes to the structure and add new sections and categories as necessary.

At any rate, it’s extremely cold this morning, and while it’s still early for lunch, I’ve been up for a long time and some hot & sour soup just sounds tasty.


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