Irredeemable #4

Irredeemable 4 cover

July 2009 | Boom!

Creator: Mark Waid
Writing: Mark Waid
Art: Peter Krause
Colour: Andrew Dalhouse
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Cover: Dan Panosian

Qubit tells his story of first meeting The Plutonian. Nations of the world gather to discuss this global crisis and almost every country is willing to offer the fallen super his every desire.

Another issue blows me away. Every time I ask myself, how could this get better? Each time I read the next, I’m left in awe gaping the last page.

This is brilliance. Everything I’ve ever wanted from an oversaturated genre and I don’t want it to stop.

There is a specific scene in this book that keeps haunting my mind. The scene where Qubit finally gets his answer to a question he asked when first meting the Plutonian. It was a beautiful moment that made me sit back in my chair and release a contented sigh.

If I were ever to meet Mark in person, I’d probably be filled with such joyous emotion, tears would spill down my cheeks.

And the art. The story wouldn’t have the deep impact without Peter’s wonderful art. And how about Dan’s cover? So beautiful. I’d love a poster of that to put on my wall.

I’ve used all the words left in me. This series is wonderful. Just read it. Go to your local comic store, or online seller, and just buy it. Right now.


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