Bad Kitty #2

Bad Kitty 2 cover

March 2001 | Chaos!

Writing: Brian Pulido | Steven Grant
Script: Brian Pulido
Art: Adriano Batista
Ink: Curtis Arnold
Colour: Hi-Fi
Letters: Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt

About halfway into the story, my brain just couldn’t take it any more. This tale of revenge with vodoo and supernatural elements is just plain unbearable to sit through. I can’t stand all this inner dialogue and the story is pretty boring.

The only good point is the art, and by art, I mean mostly the covers. Some of the interior is nice, but I mostly dislike it. I have problems with the layout of the panels and just how smooshed it seems.

I can’t finish this series, even though there’s one issue left. I’d much rather suffer through Tarot. At least that series is laughably bad.


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