Lillim #3

Lillim  cover

May 2009 | Image

Writing: Shaun Lapacek | Ian Keiser
Art: Matrix

Loki tells Bridgit the truth about himself and the two set off to Eden.

Loki’s story is a long one, being born of Adam and Lillith, we hear how man was cast out from Eden, but Lillith and her family remained, forgotten. He gives reason for all the great ancient civilizations falling, even the fabled Atlantis. And while he tells his tale, Brigit struggles with all of it.

It’s a very interesting tale. I particularly like the effort that went into fitting it in our history, though I did think it was a little dumb in the beginning, until the real conflict and prophecy came into play. At that point it became much more interesting and I could stomach the story more.

There’s only a very short scene involving his brother, but what he’s up to, other than something bad, isn’t yet known. The focus was entirely on Loki’s history, a lot to take in. I’m really hoping the next issue picks up the pace a bit more. Especially with only two issues left.

The art is all right. I wish there were something different about it, but I can’t pinpoint what it is I’d change.

This wasn’t my favorite issue of the bunch, I would have liked to have simply kept the story rolling, though I understand the back story was necessary. I’m interested to see how this story ends. It’s been… interesting.


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