Salem’s Daughter #1

Salem's Daughter #1 Cover

Jun 2009 | Zenescope

Creation: Joe Brusha | Ralph Tedesco
Writing: Ralph Tedesco
Art: Caio Reis
Letters: Bernie Lee
Colour: James Brown

This book seems to deal with Anna’s origins. She seems like an ordinary girl living an ordinary life, until a man she only saw in her dreams drops by. His sneaky manipulations, through obvious supernatural means, causes Anna to unleash her own power upon a friend.

I enjoyed the previous issue more than this, though it seems to be further setting up events which happened in the previous issue, as it seems pretty clear that this is what drove Anna from her hometown. While, I am looking forward to seeing how things further pan out, this bit just didn’t have the ‘oomph’ I was hoping for. I love Zenescope for their horror, regardless, and I’m fairly confident this’ll be worth getting into. I find myself more open to western horror these days.

The artwork’s okay. Better than what I’d label mediocre. I always like my horror to have a certain dark style about it, like some unspoken expectation that’s rarely ever filled and I know I can be unfair when it doesn’t match whatever it is I internally visualize, but this style does suit the book. It makes me think of old horror playbills, or something similar. There’s some sort of nostalgia tribute I see in it in certain frames that makes me warm up to it more than the last issue.

Another point I like about this book, is how the characters talk. You get it a lot in good western media. There’s something about the accent and the way they talk I just find compelling.

… You see we don’t take kindly to vigilantes here. This is a lawful town.

Oh, and that action in the beginning was nice. Nothing like a town getting decimated by a single gunman.

I really hope the next issue will seal-the-deal and fully hook me. I like the concept, where it’s going. I’m ‘oan cross my fingers and await the next issue.


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