Super Nice Frozen

A long, long time it’s been since I’ve posted anything thing here. I have had to put a hold on my subscriptions, lest my poor LCS be buried alive from the pileup, and I’m not sure when or if they will resume. It’s been over a year that me mum has been battling with cancer and the inoperable pesky thing keeps growing instead of shrinking. With my dad having been temporarily blinded in one eye, I’ve had to do all of the driving. It isn’t that I’ve lost interested in comics, just writing my thoughts on them. It feels too much like a chore of obligation than fun hobby of mine. I feel I owe my readers an explanation of my absence and apology that it’s taken this long to post one.

A a side note, an iPad is on it’s way to me and I’ve been considering going the digital route and get that Marvel app. I’ve always preferred holding the book in my hands, but the app has means of ordering physical copies as well. I suppose that I could also invest in the TPBs for those I really want to hang on to, but I’ll have to give it more thought. I might also hve more motivation posting here having such an elegant, sexy gadget in my hands, so we’ll just have to see how things go.


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