Dead Space #1

Dead Space #1 Cover

Mar 2008 | Image

Writing: Anthony Johnston
Art: Ben Templesmith
Letters: Rus Wooton

The Aegis VII colony discovered an unusual object at a dig site. Unitologists believe it to be a marker and several colonists have been suffering insomnia and ‘bad thoughts’. Hanford Carthusia just got orders to safeguard it at all costs until the arrival of the Ishimura.

Dead Space happens to be one of my favorite games. When I caught wind I’d be able to enjoy it in comic form, I felt ecstatic and finally I’ve gotten around to delving into this 6 issue gem. The cover would have old me, regardless.

Our story begins with a transmission from a grim security officer warns the danger of coming here and the only course of action involves nuking the colony. Then the story goes back to address the finding of the marker and the events that led up to the massive disaster before the arrival of the Ishimura.

At first, it felt a little jumpy. Lots of short segments of events happening all over the colony and at the dig site. However, there is cohesion. Despite knowing the outcome of the game, the mystery of how and why are being presented really well to the extent I wish I were watching the movie. The stage is set and the ball is already starting to bounce down the spiral of disaster. It seems pretty clear to me once that ball gets rolling, things will be moving pretty quickly. Already, people are suffering the mental effects. I can’t wait to see the fallout. More-so, I’m really interested in the politics and Unitology.

“But in case you hadn’t noticed, we already conquered Heaven, and guess what? God wasn’t home!”

“Your God, perhaps. Our God is very much in residence.”

Ben Templesmith was an excellent choice of artist. There is a dark and bleak beauty to his art that matches up perfectly with the game. I really couldn’t picture it any other way. His name attached to this book meant I’d never be disappointed by all the wonderful violence and horribles. His art was perfect with 30 Days of Night. I really hope to see some horrible thing in the next issue. I have such a soft spot for horrible things.

Overall, this was a great beginning and I look forward to reading the rest of this series.


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