Kabuki – Dance of Death

Kabuki Dance of Death Cover

Jan 1995 | London Night

Everything: David Mack

Toadstool Cloud Productions, a company dealing with music, was exposed for drug trafficking and being backed by Yakuza investors and their lead artist is about to get a visit from Kabuki.

I find myself never in the mood to want to read Kabuki for reasons I’m not sure I can nail down. My gut tells me that it’s the sheer amount of text and deep prose. It engages my mind more than other books and these days I want to be easily entertained. However, I find once I delve into an issue, it is the prose sucking me in and I ask myself why I never read the issue sooner.

As he watches, he wonders if she knows that a score of armed guards are waiting for her just beyond the elevator doors.

Yes. She knows…

Again, I am enthralled me with the beautiful words and beautiful drawings. It’s a hypnotic series that just washes all over you and when you reach the ending, you realize just how cold the shower was and there’s nothing that will make you feel better but another hit of this series.

Kabuki was one of the books that reintroduced me to comics and made me realize there was more to the industry than superheroes and kiddie comics. I can only hope I collected all of it, or my wallet is not going to be very happy with me.


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