New on Super Nice – Manga

For whatever reason, I keep comin back to this question – to be, or not to be. Since it kept creeping back, I decided to give myself the go ahead.

With everything that’s been going on in my life, I had been really worried about the future of this blog. I still have tons of comics to read and still have those Heavy Ink mailers unopened and stuffed on the top of a comic box in my closet. I’ve downloaded the IDW app on my iPad and snagged a few first issues of books I’ve wanted to read and while part of me feels traiterous to the hobby and I can hear the books in my closet trying to escape and kill me, it is the information age. My iPad is always with me, as well as my phone, and they are both easier to carry than a book. I also wouldn’t want to take a comic with me anywhere for fear of myself or some clumsy friend damaging it. I will likely continue getting physical copies of series I read until they finish and likely pick up TPBs for digital ones I read should I feel the need for a hard copy. IDW sells their book at the nicely affordable $1.99 mark and gives you a 5 page preview. I at least have means of continuing my hobby when I can’t make it to a comic shop. I’ve picked up the other comic apps for my iPad (marvel and comixology’s), as well. This at least makes me hopeful that my reading will pick up. I’m extremely happy I picked up a book this morning to read and got the review up (Dead Space #1). Hopefully the momentum will continue as I find order in this chaos.

But getting back to the Manga issues, I do read it and if it means this blog getting updated, then I shouldn’t just discard the notion. The main focus of my blog hasn’t changed, it just seems unfair to not include Asian comics.


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