Dead Space #2

Dead Space #2 Cover

Apr 2008 | Image

Writing: Anthony Johnston
Art: Ben Templesmith
Letters: Rus Wooton

The crazies escalate and casualties increase over the artifact. While it is obvious it is all the doing of the strange symbol covered rock, the big man is unwilling to listen to reason.

Tom, Natalia, Neuwmann and the Commander seem to be the only ones not obsessed with that thing. I know it doesn’t end well, but I still can’t help rooting for them, which is not like me. I don’t like happy endings in my horror. I also get very aggravated with stuff like this, when people are too blind to see the real source of their problems.

Some people get the colony crazies, and suddenly it’s because we found a rock?

Those bastards deserve what’s coming to them and I look forward to seeing it. But, damn, this issue went by way to quickly. We’re starting to get into the meat of this conflict and this Unitology stuff is pretty whacked and creepy. When the pilgrims gathered at the site to pray, and the hallucinations people are experiencing. Reminds me of Tommyknockers, in a way.

I enjoyed this issue. The descent into madness is going at a nice pace and I’m wondering just what everyone plans to do with the artifact. Hopefully the four remaining issues will be enough for me.


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