Dead Space #3

Dead Space #3 Cover

May 2008 | Image

Writing: Anthony Johnston
Art: Ben Templesmith
Letters: Rus Wooton

More insanity ensues with the Marker recovered and the death toll grows.

Yes! The Marker has finally been recovered and all sorts of crazy things are happening. Mass suicide, more crazies, and the first glimpse of a horrible- this wonderful, organic mass covering a vent. Things should only get better from here.

I enjoyed this issue the most, so far, likely because things are finally hitting the fan and people are busting out with the crazies. At this point I’m more interested in seeing the monsters than the story. With most monster movies, I don’t particularly care how or why the monster exists, just how it kills and despite wanting to reach this moment for so long, I am starting to feel the emptiness of knowing it will all be over soon.

There isn’t much for me to say about this issue beyond my happiness we’ve reached the start of the end. The story has been consistently decent and the art a joy to view. There isn’t too much of a wow factor for me. I would have liked to have read this before playing through the game. It likely would have had a stronger impact on me. A good moment was a conversation between Bram and Cortez at the square where a group of Unitologists had gathered. The conversation regarded them waiting to hear the voice of God.

I thought this was supposed to be a rational scientific religion. Whatever happened to that?

I enjoy fanatical religious crazies, especially in horror. They are either wonderfully bonkers or creepy as all Hell and this whole religious side to the Marker is a nice touch. I love the Lovecraftian madness.


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