Crossed #7

Crossed #6 cover

Sep 2009 | Avatar

Writing: Garth Ennis
Art: Jacen Burrows
Colour: Juanmar

The group continues through the desert only to find they are being tracked by a pack of crossed, the same crossed they encountered before. It isn’t long before the group loses another member.

This issue didn’t please me too much, especially with the latest casualty. I can believe the character acted how she did, but I still expected to see some emotion, some hint of tragedy’s effect. Still, I am really glad the story went there. It was a nice face slap and I didn’t fully expect that. It just didn’t have the impact the past big surprises have yielded. I am still enjoying it though, and the writing.

We were sick of running from the vermin, sick of cowering in the dark, sick of making snap decisions and abandoning lost souls because fitting might just cost us dearly:

sick of giving up our humanity.

Right now, I’m worried that being down to only a couple issues left, it will all to come down to a confrontation of that pack of crossed and the survivors. I want something awesome to happen – something horrific and far from pleasant. I don’t want this to have a happy, hope-filled conclusion. I don’t want some typical final battle crap. I want something with a lingering impact that’ll keep my brain occupied well after the last page.

Crossed is still one of my favorite books and shall hopefully remain so. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll get the ending I hope for.


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