Crossed #8

Crossed #8 cover

Dec 2009 | Avatar

Writing: Garth Ennis
Art: Jacen Burrows
Colour: Juanmar

The weight of last issue’s tragedy weighs heavily on the survivors. They stop to rest in a crashed military helicopter.

After the reading of Mike’s journal, had to take a break. the grim reality of this world crisis settled in my gut like a rock. Despite knowing the severity of things, the focus has always been on the group and what they encounter and have to do to survive. Mikes journal made it more real providing more insight to the dire state of things and the last moments of his life. I felt a few pangs at his loss. Especially that last frame focused on his skull.

When I picked up the book again it just got better. Last issue’s tragedy did have a big impact on everyone and I was a bit shocked at the next casualty. I loved the realization that through all they’ve survived, they’ve been losing their humanity, growing numb to the violence.

Now the group is split, I find myself wanting them to live, wanting them to find whatever haven of safety they’re looking for. I want that happy ending I criticized the past issue. I want it to end.

I’d never had the time to figure out if we were friends, or if we just survived together. If the world had never changed, I doubt we would have been.


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