Reading List June Week 3

In the past, I have tried to keep these lists for Sunday posts, but as things stand, I consider myself quite happy to post anything whenever I can. I seem to have gotten back into the groove of things finding myself able to squeeze in hobbies. I’ve desperately needed mental stimulation but have found myself unable to dive into a book. Comics are filling that need quite nicely having just enough pages for me to get through during tea-time and breakfast.

I’ve started up with the reading list again to give myself a bit of a nudge in the organizational department and keep me focused. I have so many books to read, many I’d like to re-read, that it could take ages for me to finish any one long series. I love this space I carved for myself as much as I love comics and I’m going to try extra hard not to drift away for so long like what happened.

What I’ve Been Liking

I’ve only started forming a pile of reading material, so this is going to be pretty bare until I work back up.


Dropped Books


This Week’s List

Adventures of Sinbad #10
Air Gear Volume #1
Black Panther V5 #2
Dead Irons #3
Dead Space #5
DMZ #1
Echo #13
Elephantmen #1
Fables #1
Ferryman #1
Lillim #4
Madame Xanadu #1
Narcopolis #1
Perhapanauts #2
Salem’s Daughter #2


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