Batman Confidential #1

Batman Confidential #1

Feb 2007 | DC

Writing: Andy Diggle
Pencils: Whilce Portacio
Ink: Richard Friend
Colour: David Baron
Letters: Travis Lanham

Rules of Engagement. Part One

Batman’s been on the beat for a year and frustrated with the results of his actions having low impact. Meanwhile, Bruce and Lex Luthor bid for a defense deparment contract. Problems ensue when one of Wayneteck’s O.G.R.E’s goes ape.

I started in on this series after reading the Batman Year One TPB which rekindled my love for Batman and Gotham City. The title for this series had intrigued me, so here I am.

At first glance, I can’t say that the cover grabbed me in any way, other than the art looked really odd to me, along with the design. I can’t say I recognize the artist from anything else I’ve read. As I started in on the book, I found the art to be a bit off-putting. I’m not going to say that it is absolutely dreadful, but I really think everyone looks ugly, and there are several frames that look really funky. I mean, really funky. But aside from that, the writing is rather good and kept my interest throughout.

I like it when supers fail. In fact, I like it when any hero fails. I get really sick of the ‘good guys always win all the time’ scenarios and to open the book with a fail and his frustrations that what he’s doing just isn’t going deep enough, it really sucked me in. I liked seeing him angry and dark. He’s Batman. He’s badass.

Your life could end here, now, and nobody would ever know. Would anyone even miss you? Tell me, what’s your life worth, punk… ?

Lex Luthor is also a favorite villain of mine, and I was very ecstatic to see him in this. I’m curious if he has anything to do the robot going haywire, or if it’s someone else.

I’m going to keep going with this and hope the story keeps holding my interest. Seeing a giant robot attack Gotham should be good.


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