Batman Confidential #3

Batman Confidential #3 Cover


Apr 2007 | DC

Writing: Andy Diggle
Pencils: Whilce Portacio
Ink: Richard Friend
Colour: I.L.L.
Letters: Rob Leigh

Rules of Engagement. Part Three

Batman infiltrates Lex Corp for some answers.

Holy crap! Is it me, or does Batman’s muscles look weird on the cover? Wow. I really can’t get behind this artwork. I’m started to get irritated that my favorite super is so ugly. How can this happen? The plane looks pretty retarded, too.

Barely into the issue I chuckle when Batman uses his tech to watch a security guard enter a “27 digit alphanumeric sequence” floor access code. The keypad in the next frame is entirely numeric. Aside from that, more mystery elements come into play. Luthor’s plan is pretty detailed, using Crabtree’s DNA to artificially inseminate a hooker that wanted out and pretty much destroy his career and family. That as a nice connection for the dead hooker at the beginning of this series. The end result of all this is really intriguing me. At any rate, I’m always happy to see more of Lex Luthor.

You’re supposed to be my head of security, which implies that my property should be–

what’s the word?

oh yes…


The story still had me going wondering what Luthor’s master plan was especially now after getting the defense contract. I’ve always been partial to the evil billionaire genius, and I’m hoping this will turn out good. My hopes filled with worry, though when I got to the end. A metal bat? Seriously? And it looks retarded.

I just don’t know about this, now. That metal bat is almost enough for me to quit, but Im going to cling to hope, and buddy Lex, cross my fingers and duke it out a bit longer.


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