Reading List February 6

Again, it has been awhile since I’ve posted reviews, but I have still been reading and have been trying hard to actually find things to say. Lately, what I’ve read just hasn’t had any real impact on me beyond a few lines which seems a waste to post. I’m not sure if it’s a motivational thing, the books were really that bleh, or I should increase my caffeinne intake. Whatever the case, I’m doing my best to change that right now.

I’ve been going through my comic box, and my blog to see where I stand with some things I had been reading so I can go back, reread them, and hope that the second time around will spawn some words of inspiration. I’ve also got a reading list.

This Week’s List

A Skeleton Story #1
Artifacts #1
Batman & Robin #2
Batman Confidential #4
Batman Incorporated #1
Cold Space #1
Cyclops #1
Crossed Family Values #1
Echo #13
Gore #1
Hotwire #3
Infestation #1
Irredeemable #5
Memoir #1
Superior #1
The Walking Dead #2
Wolverine And Jubilee #1

There are a lot more books I’d like to read, including more from series I have already been reviewing, but I’m really excited to get to these.


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