Batman Incorporated #1

Batman Incorporated #1 Cover


Jan 2011 | DC

Writing: Grant Morrison
Pencils: Yanick Paquette
Ink: Michel Lacombe
Colour: Nathan Fairbairn
Letters:John J. Hill

Mr. Unknown is Dead

Batman hás plans to train Mr. Unknown to be Japan’s Batman. However, Lord Death Man got to him first and is bent on killing all Japan’s crime fighters.

The cover is hideous. I hate it. I hate that I got stuck with that one, and it doesn’t make me feel any hope that this book will be good. I had read several articles regarding this shifting of Batman, and I’m terrified that it will ruin my beloved super. I even had butterflies when I sat down to finally read it. It’s sad, I know. However, the articles I read did not actually explain what was going on, it was mostly complaining and whining, so I had to see for myself what’s happening.

I’m not given much hope, either, when I start reading this. Mr. Unknown is getting really messed up by Lord Death Man. Someone walks in on it and escapes and Lord Death Man screams out “kill all japanese crimefighters!” I wanted to laugh so hard, but I was too depressed.

Then we have Catwoman and Batman dealing with robots and the theft of something that looks like a diamond labeled “project x” and then we’re whisked away to a hotel with Bruce and Selina talking about him training a new Batman while in Tokyo. So, Bruce seems to have seen the bigger picture. Well. I have a hard time dealing with this issue when you have other supers organizations in play, like, oh, the JLA. Lord Death Man has plans for killing Japan’s crime fighters, so why do they need their own Batman? Why couldn’t we just have some new crime fighter hitting the scene?

The book just was so typical of the genre. There was nothing that happened that didn’t surprise me. It has this serious tone, but they inject this odd humor into it that just doesn’t work for me, like the giant octopus monster at the end and an earlier part Catoman sees the poster for some tentacle rape manga in Mr. Unknown’s comic store. and ponders the appeal taking the book. There’s a panel where she’s holding the book sideways with an interesting expression on her face.

I’m not impressed at all, but the issue doesn’t give me enough to tell whether or not this is actually going to be crap, or not. If the series is just Batman going around training the best crime fighters to be him, it just seems stupid. Why can’t they just stay being their own heroes? If it’s Batman just making a global hero organization, that has more promise in that he’s not really creating batmen, just recruiting. That seems more interesting, but still, why not just have JLA affiliates with other countries?

I want a better idea of what’s going on, so I’m going to keep reading until I find out. I’m hoping it will get better and I hope the answer is not something stupid. The art is at least pleasant, and the writing isn’t terrible, but as I mentioned before, it doesn’t mesh seriousness with light-heartedness very well. I cross my fingers and hope for the best.


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