Memoir #1

Memoir #1 Cover


Jan 2011 | Image

Writing: Ben McCool
Art: Nikki Cook
Letters: Tom B. Long
Cover: John Cassaday
Masks Part One

… Long, Long Road

Trent MacGowan is a journalist spending a week in a town where the residents had lost their memory. After a mass grave is uncovered, trent perks up at the unexpected event, but the mystery deepens when one resident emails him, claiming to remember everything.

Right off the bat, the black and white art grabs me. To have a book titled Memoir and be black and white makes me wonder about any deep significance, particularly when we’re dealing with a town where the residents all woke up one day without remembering who they were, where they were, or what happened. It gives me the impression I’m looking through a phonebook.

The story starts off well, too, with an unusual event that likely resulted in death, and then the smarmy journalist’s interview setting up the story of what happened to the town, and then we jump right in and everything is kinda off. It’s a fairly large town, too, and all the weird people, their odd behaviors, the obligatory hostile outburst from one of them…

Don’t be thinking’ of buying’ any of this here meat, son.

Bad things happened to make this meat. bad things…

Lowesville is one of those places where you’d just get back on the bus while you’re still alive and forget about it before some psycho serial killer, or the whole town, butcher you for their sunday dinner. Through the issue, I wondered if Trent was going to get attacked, or see an attack. I was almost disappointed, but when the crazy digger found that mass grave, all was forgiven.

I enjoyed this book. I love horror comics, and this has a lot of good going for it. The black and white art, the crazy town, and mystery of what the hell happened there. I’m really curious to see what happens when Trent meets up with the one guy that claims to remember everything. It’s obvious no good will come from that, and I’m really excited to read the next part and see how Trent deals with things.I expect more mass graves will pop up. Oh, of course, there’s the question of whether trent survives the town, or not. I always vote for ‘not’.


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