Echo #13

Echo #13 Cover


Jun 2009 | Abstract Studio

Everything: Terry Moore
Colour: Brian Miller

Julie is still running for her life and news of the crater has hit the public. Everyone is scrambling to resolve this mess, only it keeps getting worse.

It’s been so long since I read the last issue of this book, and this one sucked me right back in. A lot happened in this book. Events were all over the place and frantic and simply awesome. I have no idea how Julie is going to get out of this.I have this feeling I have said that a lot throughout the story. I was really hoping she’d go with Ivy, but events didn’t turn out that way.

The high point for me was when the man went to Henri to claim some bodies, angry and hurt, its obvious he isn’t leaving without them. The book has handled HENRI and the leaking of information rather well. That was some good fallout and I really wonder if fists fly in the next issue regarding him.

The writing again is really awesome, along with the clean line art. The emotions of the characters come across really well, and with everything that happened this issue, I do get the sense of freneticism. Everyone’s time is running out and the proverbial crap storm has been consistently getting worse. Julie’s behavior does frustrate me, but I’m not too sure I’d act any differently if I had weird metal stuff slowly taking over my body.

I look forward to reading more of this. I hope it is sooner, rather than later, as it really is a good story and I have been greatly enjoying it so far.


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