Artifacts #1

Artifacts #1 Cover


Jul 2010 | Top Cow

Writing: Ron Marz
Pencils: Michael Broussard
Ink: Rick Basaldua | Sal Regla
Colour: IFS’s Sunny Gho
Letters: Troy Peteri

There are thirteen artifacts. Each grant a power to their chosen wielder. Together, they will end the world. Someone is after the pieces. The first being The Rapture, possessed by Tom Judge who just found himself out of hell and tasked with opposing whomever the big bad villain is. Sara Pezzini is on the case investigating a series of murders, all priests. The murderers are looking for Tom and Sara’s little girl is kidnapped.

Artifacts is a thirteen part series that shakes up, and will remake, the entire Top Cow universe, and I’m very curious as to how and what to expect. Top Cow hasn’t done any major crossover like this that I can remember hearing about, and I have not read everything in the universe. Fortunately, they present enough information that it’s new reader friendly and likely will be a good starting point for readers to get into the universe and new stories coming after. They also provided character bio’s in the back and a brief history on the origin of the Witchblade.

The art is the usual wonderful stuff I’m used to with Top Cow. It’s very detailed, very beautiful, dramatic, and provides plenty of badass eye-candy and violence. The art was what drew me to to read their books, and it has always been consistent. This book is no exception. Every panel is beautiful and is a nice match to the great writing.

Overall, I had been a bit worried about reading this book since I wasn’t familiar with the complete universe, but it didn’t present itself a problem at all. Everything was straight forward and bio’s helped me a lot. The story was paced really well and it ended with a cliffhanger I wasn’t expecting. I expect this to be a great story and can’t wait to read more.


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