Artifacts #2

Artifacts #2 Cover


Sep 2010 | Top Cow

Writing: Ron Marz
Pencils: Michael Broussard
Ink: Rick Basaldua | Sal Regla
Colour: IFS’s Sunny Gho
>Letters: Troy Peteri

Sara has learned of her sister’s death and kidnapping of hope by Aphrodite IX, along with the Darkness and the Angelus. All of them gather, including Tom and learn about the 13 artifacts.

Your warrior who safeguarded the daughter of the darkness and the balance has been destroyed. So too was the darkling.

The sister of she who bears the balance was killed, and the child taken.

It seems the end of the universe is creeping up fast. Hope was delivered to the one who wanted her and is gonna be sacrificed as part of this dastardly evil plan. A lot of emotions are thrown around by the other characters, and I particularly liked Jackie and Sara’s little domestic regarding their missing child.

The art is still wonderful, along with the writing, and the flow of the issue is smooth. They aren’t wasting any time, even with thirteen issues. I’m anxious and eager to see why hope needs to be sacrificed and whether it’s successful or not. I’m really not sure how that will end considering they killed Sara’s sister right off the bat last issue. This business of hope, though, makes me want to pick up the books addressing her birth. I might have actually picked one up at some point.

Another plus was the origin of the Darkness and more biographies at the back of the book for those of us unfamiliar with the universe. They were interesting reads and were helpful to me. I’m glad they chose to do that. This story also gives me a great point to get back into the universe.

I’m really looking forward to more of this. I expect there to be more violence, more drama, and I’m still wondering who doesn’t make it through alive. So far, this series is my favorite read this week.


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