Batman Incorporated #2

Batman Incorporated #2 Cover


Feb 2011 | DC

Writing: Grant Morrison
Pencils: Yanick Paquette
Ink: Michel Lacombe
Colour: Nathan Fairbairn
Letters:John J. Hill


Mr. Unknown is dead. His sidekick, Jiro, wants to prove he’s worthy for Batman’s offer and bring honor to Mr. Unknown’s death.

At least I got a nicer looking cover than the previous issue. Getting right down to things, though, this was more disappointment. The business with Jiro was interesting, but seemed to easy. Batman was too quick in accepting him after harshly turning him down because he used a gun. I just can’t buy that. If you are gonna make a point that using a gun broke the number one rule and that’s why you won’t be accepted. It doesn’t make sense how that you didn’t use a gun on your next crime fighting event warrants an instant acceptance. How is that one time you didn’t use a gun proof enough for redemption? The reason he gives Selena isn’t good enough for me. It just really makes Batman look stupid to me.

He faked his own death because he wanted to become someone else and start fresh.

Really? Was that really the reason? I remember Jiro making a big deal of joining him because he had nothing left and wants to avenge Mr. Unknowns death and make him be remembered as an honorable super. Selina chewed him out for being to harsh and Batman made a comment about him taking his chance, but it doesn’t lend any credit to his scolding. Why go about it that way? All of it eded up being unbelievable to me.

The octopus thing was still retarded, too, despite that one humerous frame of it hanging out the window. The book still dosn’t manage to balance light-heartedness with seriousness. I’m not sure what the problem is, but I’d guess they either can’t make up their mind, or are trying too hard. We have this silly tentacle monster trouble in the form of a giant octopus after Catwoman flips through that tentacle manga. There’s no punchline, either. She just complains of water, but no further connection is made to that chain. Later on in this issue we get serious again and have Lord Death Man blowing up a bus of disabled children.

I hate how Selina and Bruce interact, also. Is he gay? It sure seems that way seeing as how he doesn’t acknowledge her affections and I know how’ve they been in other books. I just don’t buy it. What the hell is up with that? There’s not even any tension in that, at all. So awful.

The whole idea that Batman is making his own vision of an international JLA thing, still seems kind of dumb to me. They will be using the bat signal and everything. While I’m curious how all of that will work out, I don’t think I can actually go through with it.


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