Memoir #2

Memoir #2 Cover


Feb 2011 | Image

Writing: Ben McCool
Art: Nikki Cook
Letters: Tom B. Long
Cover: John Cassaday

Masks Part Two: The Meeting

Trent meets with the man who remembers what happened and gets a part of the story. When he goes over the audio recording he took, he gets a supernatural surprise.

I had been anxiously awaiting this issue to hear what the contact had to say about what happened. It gives you a bit of the puzzle, but there’s still so much unknown that it only increases my hunger for more. Especially where the issue leaves off with the recording. It is evident that Trent has bitten off more than he can chew and is in for a bad, bad day. I can’t wait to find out more.

The black and white art continues to delight me along with the story and quality of writing. It goes at a nice pace and I can’t find anything to fault, save having to wait for more. Should this keep up, it very well may earn a place among my favorite horror books.


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