Emerald City Comicon

Emerald City Comicon

ECCC 2011

Well, the time had come, and the time had passed. My feet are still killing me and I still feel like my only cure is comicoma for a few days. However, my time spent at the con was enjoyable, even with the crowd rage and fighting the urge to start stabbing people in the face for being stupid. Rather than go into the usual cons of cons, i’ll attempt to recall the good parts.

Toys! Toys! Toys! OMG! I loved all the toys! I didn’t pay too much attention the last time I went to a comicon. There’s usually too many other things I’m after and try not to look at too many other things for fear of spending way too much. However, my best friend happens to love Transformers and GI Joes, so the toy booths were unavoidable. I did get some toys while I was there. I got a Sharkticon Transformer. He will be a nice change from the usual cars, jets, and tanks already displayed on my Transformers shelf. I also got one of those die-cast Transformers, too – Sunstorm. He’s my second favorite. Hot Rod is my #1.

There were lots of wonderfuls at the Avatar booth. I’m bummed I missed their presentation, but I got to stare at wonderful Crossed merchandise. I almost got a few of their zombie survival tips themed posters, but I went for a Neonomicon tentacle girl and Lady Death in a bikini in a pool of blood.

Top Cow had a great presentation. It was nice seeing the Artifacts art and hearing more where those stories were going. I’m very interested in reading Netherworld when it’s out. At their booth I snagged a few TPBs and had some signed by Stan, which was a seriously embarrassing fangirl moment, as when he asked whether I wanted it personalized, I couldn’t remember my name. At any rate, Witchblade: Redemption, Witchblade V1, Angelus V1, Broken Trinity V1 came home with me.

Vertigo’s presentation was good. I want to read Sweet Tooth, now, along with House of Mystery. Those were the only things that interested me apart from what I’ve already been reading. I did not pick up anything at their booth, though.

The only other thing I bought was a Billy the Squid figure from the ZAP! web comic. Being a fan of cephalopods, and cthulhu, I had to have one just on principle. He looked so sad. One of these days, I’ll go and see what the web comic is like.

The only other highlight was getting my picture taken with the Predator. I just had to give him a hug. I would have liked to have seen an alien, too. I try not to look at costumes, though. There were a few that will be burned into my memory for all eternity, and that is not a good thing. *shudder*

Comicon was fun this year. Look forward to the next one.


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