Spring Is In The Air

Spring Flower Vector

Springtime is finally here. The flowers are blooming, the rains have started, squirrels have reinvaded my wooded backyard, and love is in the air here at Super Nice. As I sit this morning contemplating my next few reviews I decided a theme is in order. Over the next five days, I shall be reviewing romance themed books. The first hurdle? Finding five romance-themed books I actually would want to read. It seems romance stories are harder to find these days, at least comics which center around such themes. Love and loss usually is spattered through the lives of all our favorite super-heroes. Sometimes the events are expected. Sometimes very less so. One such example I am reminded of is Marvel’s Deathurge. As a herald of oblivion, he had failed a simple task of bringing a soul to Oblivion. Cursed to be trapped in the form of a squirrel, the last I remember ever seeing of him, was what looked like him falling in love with Squirrel Girl’s squirrel company Tippy-Toe.

I have thought about digging through my books for the love stories that have passed; Spider-Man and Mary Jane, Pepper Potts affair with Tony Stark, The Fantastic Four Wedding Special, the Batman & Catwoman tension, Superman & Lois lane, Harley Quinn’s interesting relationship with the Joker. There are a lot more characters with interesting and entertaining tales of love I could re-read and review, but they are all very well known by now and I lack the desire to go back through them and find the issues I’d want. Rather than go through all that trouble to even hunt down which issues the events I’m looking for are featured (I’m terrible with that sort of thing), I’m opting to find things which I haven’t read, or are so old I cannot remember. I have a short list jotted down of things to dig for that I am considering, but I’m going to keep everything a surprise. Look for the first review coming soon!


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