Archie #600

Archie 600 Cover


OCT 2009 | Archie Comics

Script: Michael Uslan
Pencils: Stan Goldberg
Ink: Bob Smith
Letters: Jack Morelli
Colour: Glenn Whitmore

Archie Marries Veronica Part 1: The Proposal

Archie and the gang are about to graduate high school. After their last gig and dealing with the stress of his parents wanting him to go over college brochures, Archie takes a trip up memory lane only to return home to his future, graduating college and proposing to Veronica Lodge.

Since I was a kid reading Archie comics, he was always torn between Betty and Veronica and the ocasional other girl that would pop up sometimes. I always rooted for Betty, though I cannot really say I liked either of them. I really liked Moose & Midge and Jughead. I couldn’t really stand the other characters and I was never really much one for Archie. My father had subscribed to it and it was something to read.

When first hearing about this plot line, I had expected it to be somehow canonical, but when I got to the part where he walked up memory lane and we’re suddenly watching his future, I knew this story really wasn’t going to matter at all. Also when learning this story spans three issues, then they do the same thing with Betty for another three issues, following with an an epilogue, it just cemented that fact. And as far as I know, things continue on as normal for the gang. It sort of kills my excitement and wonder, especially it having been advertised as such a big deal. My curiosity still needed to be satisfied, though.

Things moved fairly quickly in this book, though, this is Archie and stories tend to move quickly, especially in gag comics like this. It still felt like an Archie comic, but I found myself yearning for a bit more substance. It seemed just a little too jumpy and too quick. There still seemed to be a bit of drama, though. I found myself feeling sorry for Betty through all this, hanging out with Jughead and wandering New York and having happened to stumble upon Archie proposing to Veronica at the jewelry store. Then you have Veronica calling her later to ask her to be her Maid of Honor. That poor, poor girl.

I’m interested in seeing how the rest of the story unfolds with the next issue being their wedding. I’m also curious to see the flip side of this coin with him marrying Betty. I still feel a little bit of disappointment, but maybe there are still some surprises in store for me. I shall press on and see how things go.


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