Archie #602

Archie 602 Cover


Dec 2009 | Archie Comics

Script: Michael Uslan
Pencils: Stan Goldberg
Ink: Bob Smith
Letters: Jack Morelli
Colours: Glenn Whitmore

Archie Marries Veronice Part 3: It’s Twins

Veronica is pregnant. The happily married couple are are ecstatic and spread the news to their equaly ecstatic friends and Veronica asks Betty to be Godmother. Things get more chaotic when the twins arrive then we see some moments of them raising the children.

I didn’t care much for this issue. It jumps around through Veronica’s pregnancy and the birth of their twins. At least I was partially right. They had a girl and a boy. I didn’t find this as entertaining as the previous. In retrospect, I would have been happy ending at the end of the wedding. I got really bored halfway through finding it difficult to keep reading. I really didn’t care anymore about how their life would progress. The high point was the wedding. Everything that has followed has just been ‘bleh.’ The book did restore my interest again at the end when Archie returns to Memory Lane to walk down the other fork in the road. Of course, it leads to an alternate future and our “Archie Marries Betty” story that follows in the next three issues. I liked that part, it tied in to how this plot line started.  I am curious how the rest will go and the how entire story arc will resolve. It’s been an odd ride, thus far.


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