Comics 4.29.2011

Well, Friday and Saturday ended up being busy days. I visited my LCS, Comic Evolution, each of those days and gave my collection another boost. On the first day, I purchased several TPBs and filled another long box with comics, 143 of them, to be precise, and paid only $.50 an issue. A great deal. I had thought of jotting down a list of what I picked up, but I had also planned to do that with my previous box, and failed to do so. I have them all organized, and I don’t have the motivation I need to do such a task. However, TPBs and oversized issues are another matter, and consist of the following:

Elephantmen: Wounded Animals – 1
Alan Moore’s The Courtyard
Alan Moore’s Light of Thy Countenance
Shrapnel Hubris – 1-3
Aladdin – Book 1
Painkiller Jane
Milestone Forever – 1-2
Power Girl
The Sixth Gun – 1
Zatanna: The Mistress of Magic – 1
The Goon: Rough Stuff – 0
Madman: The Oddity Odyssey
Morning Glories – 1
Artifacts – 1
Fables – 1-2
Proof – 2
Haunt – 1-2
Moon Knight: Midnight Sun
Chew – 1
Grimm Fairy Tales – 1
Parker The Hunter Book – 1
Pinnochio Vampire Slayer – 1-2

It’s a fair collection of reading material on it’s own, without the long boxes and normal dailies I subscribe to. As such, I’ve had quite the time settling on what to read. I read mostly random things yesterday, and have been doing the same today, thus far.

And as for the dailies:

Age of X Universe #2
Future Foundation #2


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