Is This Really An Update?!

Does time ever fly! Every moment I thought to take a few minutes out of my day to post something here, distractions happened.

It has been a sad couple months. My LCS Comic Evolution stopped subscription services and went entirely to selling TPBs online. I can still visit the store by appointment, so it is not entirely sad. However, it did put me in a state of limbo regarding my subscriptions. I had been doing a half-digital half-print mix, my absolute must haves being print. I am still in a state of flux wondering if I wish to move my prints to digitals, or just wait it out and pick up TPBs for those. My indecisiveness has caused me to fall behind.

I have continued getting digitals and have picked up a few interesting TPBs over this time. Ones that stand out include: Dear Creature, and The Complete Essex County. I have yet to finish reading them.

I have dropped quite a number of titles in that time, too. When DC’s New 52 started coming out, I was crazy enough to pick each of them up. Many of those got the drop, but I was happy to see them all. Some other titles I tried or had been reading also got the axe. Some titles I fell too far behind on, while others were ones I was interested in trying but never did. The list is as follows:

Chip ’n Dale Rescue Rangers
Darkwing Duck
Donald Duck and Friends
Elric The Balance Lost
Black Powder
American Vampire
Batman & Robin
Green Lantern
Justice League
Resurrection Man
Wonder Woman
A Game of Thrones
Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time The Eye of the World
The Last of the Greats
Pilot Season: City of Refuge
Pilot Season: Test
Pilot Season: The Beauty
Red Spike
Amazing Spider-Man
Iron Man 2.0

I will be sorting out my pull list and seeing what I feel is worth continuing and what I’m going to do about my prints. I should have my comic life sorted out in time for next week’s releases. I can’t go too long without a fix.


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