Destroying My Pull List

My backloggery of comics seems to have spiraled out of control again. Too many books and I just woudn’t read them. They would sit and sit and sit as my mornings shifted towards other rituals, mainly AD&D campaign planning and keeping up with other gaming related stuff in the forms of magazines and blogs.

Yes, it’s sad. I know. I intend to rectify that and schedule time so such loves won’t be neglected and my activity here at Super Nice resumes back to its healthy, active self.

The hardest part of this process involved managing my pull list. Keeping things simple, I wiped it all clean. I had fallen so behind on my news, I didn’t know which books had ended or even where I sat inventory-wise.

Once I told myself I could easily get back issues or invest in TPBs to resume my readings from catching up, the decision came more easily. I can always go back to things. They will always be there.

As of today, my pull list is completely blank! It’s like venturing into the world of comics again for the first time. It’s a clean slate ready to be filled with new things to love and hate. I’m very excited.


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