Saucer Country #1

Cover Image

May 2012 | Vertigo

Writing: Paul Cornell
Art: Ryan kelly
Colour: Giulia Brusco
Letters: Sal Cipriano
Cover: Ryan kelly | Sean Gordon Murphey

Arcadia Alvarado is the Governor of New Mexico and throwing her name out as a presidential candidate while recovering memories of an alien abduction. 

I’m a big fan of classical aliens and being honest, they terrify me. This book grabbed me quickly the way Arcadia gradually realises she’s an abductee. A few things that happened in the book gave me chills. I didn’t know anything about it when I first picked up, so it was surprising to see that it’s aliens mixed with politics. I’m curious to see how everything will play out.

I’ve no idea what to make of the other story contained within, the university guy that sees and talks to weird star people? I have a feeling it will end up being really good. Weird is a genre I very much like. Still, it was like a brick to my face. I sat there staring at the page when he was under review and staring down at these little people that told him to tell the board he wasn’t crazy. WTF.

As I understand, this is an ongoing series that I’m 13 issues behind on. A TPB or two is in my immediate future; I want more of this.  It’s really good and that cliffhanger left me with lots of questions. I’m dying for answers.


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  1. guuthulhu
    Sep 15, 2013 @ 14:20:36

    And as I’ve checked up on this series, have sadly come to the knowledge that it had been cancelled. *sigh* I still will read more of this.

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